I am Beny Rabuchin, I have been fortunate enough to help just over 2,125 families get financing to buy a home. I am excited to show you how you too can be a homeowner.

Homeownership is a pathway to everlasting wealth for you and your family. When we look historically at real estate, the stock market, and other volatile investments, its real estate that has always held its value with a long-term vision.

In 2004, I was 25, four years prior I had graduated from San Diego State University with a major in Spanish and Business, and really had not found the profession yet that would allow me to utilize what I had learned in school. I knew I had a passion for real estate as I grew up in a family of real estate investors and general contractors. I was offered a job in mortgage for a large company and quickly found my niche and path, helping others to homeownership.

Fast forward to today, having helped thousands over the past 17 years, I have owned four homes of my own, plus I have experienced every type of market including one of the worse in history back in 2008, to thriving markets like we have seen the past several years. This knowledge of the industry, the vast array of varying scenarios for all these families, challenges, successes, and everything else that comes with one’s financial situation over all these years has allowed me to perfect the process for you.

Getting approved for a home loan is the least important part, rather aligning your personal wealth strategy, your loan strategy, and timing is the key that opens the path to long-term wealth building. We will teach you these tactics!

I do what I do for my wife, Leslee and sons, Hank and Gus. I am an avid mountain biker and snowboarder and enjoy watching my boys quickly do these sports much better than I can!