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Meet Max And Meet His Dream House.

We find ourselves at an amazing piece of property at 12314 Rochedale Lane, Brentwood, CA—the address of Max Nelson’s new dream house. Max has an intense and creative passion for architecture and history, so when looking for a home it took him a while to find the dream home that he could reconstruct from an architectural perspective, yet keep the integrity of the history and the roots of home.

After years of hunting for a mid-century modern, he found a 2,400 square-foot gem on the west side of Los Angeles in Brentwood for $1.877M.

Being in the real estate business as Director of the Residential Division for THE Agency, Max certainly was familiar with the amount of work it takes to not only find the home of your dreams but also how intense the finance process can be.

Enter Beny. Max met Beny 10 years ago through Beny’s now wife. Over the years Max has continued to refer clients to Beny and Beny to Max. Beny was the logical call for the financial component of Max’s purchase.

“He and his team totally delivered on time, every time. No hiccups. Beny’s operation runs like a Swiss watch. He was the obvious choice for me,” said Max.

Max restored this home that had tremendous amounts of deferred maintenance with all his heart and soul. The community that the home is in is architecturally controlled and was developed in the 50s. Of the original 286 homes that were built in this community, half of them are architecturally significant and interesting.

Each house in the community having a story to be told, Max chose to let his house tell its story the way it wanted to be as he approached the remodel as a hybrid restoration. Max kept true to the period of the home most definitely with his use of materials.

In fact, Max’s fanaticism with architecture and history led him to hire a historian to dig up the history of the house. You can read the full 20-page history here if your heart desires!

The home was designed by Carlton Winslow Jr. whose father was significant in the Spanish colonial movement in the 20s. At the time it cost $20,000 to build! Hard to believe. The house passed through many owners over the years with many stories, but the most prominent was the director of the movie Saturday Night Fever. I think if anyone could get those walls to speak, it certainly would be Max.

“This is my dream home. I can tell you that definitively,” Max stated.

Take a look at the beautiful before and after pictures of Max’s dream home and of our dream client.




For more information on Max Nelson and THE AGENCY:
Director, Residential Division

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