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How Did the Bureaus Get Breached?

Part II of the Bureau Breach

Unfortunately, cyber credit attacks happen. And when they do, we all start to panic. We’re back this week to discuss why the bureaus get breached. Who is behind all this? This tip is a true gem for all readers because we now know at least one major area the hackers infiltrated Equifax’s system. Equifax clarified that their security team first investigated and blocked suspicious traffic it identified in its online dispute portal on July 29th, 2017. The online dispute portal allows consumers to file disputes themselves and most of the online credit repair firms utilize this system as well.

Luckily for you and your clients, this is a place we avoid like the plague. Unfortunately, an unfathomable number of individuals who may themselves have filed disputes, or who had online disputes filed on their behalf, potentially ended up with a lifetime of headaches, as they tried to tackle one issue and got stuck in a catastrophic data breach. You know kind of like when we teach North Korea a lesson by banning textile exports and they respond by providing us with a nuke in our back yard…we shouldn’t go there, that will get me in big trouble.

The key, once again in our opinion, is to personally scour your own credit report at least a couple times a year (you can periodically access a free credit report from many places online, and certainly do it months before you need to use your credit) and if you find anything derogatory that is erroneous or even just questionable you need to flag it. If at that point you want our help, in our experience on items that have been flagged in that manner, we have remarkable success removing them. Credit can easily be the most expensive or adversely beneficial aspect of your life, it’s worth that personal attention.

If you are unsure if your credit was breached, we have several tools at loan sweet home that can assist you with these…just shoot us an e-mail to

If you missed Part I, you can read it here!

*some of this content was written and composed by Chris Kumerow from Continental Credit

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